What Women say about working with Christiane


"I became interested in exploring Yoni massage for the first time when I started to deal with past experiences of trauma, including a recent abortion, that had left me feeling in someway disconnected from my womb and my yoni. The more I researched and explored, the more I realized how fundamental this connection is to a woman’s sense of self, sexuality, creativity and joy. I met Christiane at a workshop and immediately felt like she was the right person to help me with this – very wise, gentle and compassionate, quietly graceful in her feminine power. I was apprehensive before the session, although it turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences I can remember. Christiane made me feel very relaxed and set a beautiful sacred space for the experience. The treatment began with a gentle tantric massage and led into the yoni massage, with Christiane communicating with me and checking in for my approval throughout the session. It was subtle, gentle and incredibly nurturing to be given this gift to my femininity, and it felt like a profound, yet gentle therapy rather than an overtly sexual encounter. I walked out of the treatment floating on clouds, vibrating with an inner joy and alive with creative ideas – it was like someone had switched on a light-bulb. It gave me a taste of what life can be like when we as women are fully in tune with and connected to our yonis, and determined to continue to work with releasing trauma and tension stored in this delicate area over many years. Christiane provided me with a road map and a desire to explore myself more fully. I cannot recommend Christiane and the work she does highly enough; Her women’s circles, yoni workshops and tantra and yoni massages provide a door of discovery for women to walk through. She is an inspiration and a blessing."

Lauren, 33, England


"I had an amazing healing activation with Christiane. It was a deeply personal journey. I felt it assisted me in opening in to the forgotten aspects of the physical/spiritual sexual realm. Through gentle touch she takes you into your innermost sensations of sensuality and pleasure and brings you in touch with your entire physicality. Her sessions included answering all my questions and were also informative. Christiane is a person of integrity and from our very first meeting I knew I was safe with her. I feel this type of therapy is important. It returns the sexual to the sphere of the divine.– a sort of sexual enlightenment (part of a complete being). I would recommend Christiane to anyone who is interested in opening more into all aspects of self. I was taken on a journey that helped to clear away the old so that the new may enter and given tools to take away with me to deepen and expand the experience."

Robin, 61, Australia


"Christiane's touch and presence is such a magical gift. During the session I could feel every second more of my hidden and stored emotions coming to the surface and with her beautiful guidance I released every second more and more tension. Christiane hold space for me to feel deep into my being so I could feel the magic of who I am. Her hole beautiful soul was a big expansion in the room full of feminine magic and love ❤
I had many other tantric massages in my life but Christiane is truly the best. I highly recommend her to every woman on this planet. I feel so much love and gratitude."

Roos, 33, Netherlands


"I honestly cannot recommend Christiane highly enough. The space she holds for her clients is truly incomparable. I didn't quite know what to expect but Christiane put me at my ease, and straightaway I trusted her completely and was able to fully let go -no easy task for me usually. The entire experience was one of the most fulfilling and mind blowing of my life. Do yourself a favour and make a session a priority."

Grace, 35, Ireland


"After Christiane suggested I would gain a lot from her yoni egg workshop I didn’t really understand what she meant or what it was all about. However knowing what a loving, gentle and passionate soul she was, I felt drawn to work with her in the tantric field. For me the experience was very supportive and liberating. I didn’t realise that I had fears and blocks I was storing in my Yoni.  Being in the tantric energy with other women was a profound healing experience and I received some clarity about quite a few things I had not previously had awareness of. I felt really supported by Christianes clear explanations and the way she organised the format was respectful and a beautiful initiation ceremony. Christiane is a wonderful healer and creates amazing spaces for women in many contexts. She is passionate about serving others and facilitating women to heal their sexual traumas and align their sexual energies through this powerful and magical work."

Belle, 40, Australia



"I'm not numb any more!! That was what I exclaimed after my second massage with Christiane. I had heard about yoni massage a number of months earlier and I wanted to try it to see if it could help me. I had a sexual abuse past and had never really found intercourse enjoyable and sometime even found it painful. I wasn't willing to accept this for the rest of my life. I had dealt with the emotional and psychological side of things but these issues were stored in my physical body too, and they needed to be released. Christiane is very knowledgable and effective at what she does. In only a few sessions I am seeing incredible progress, not only am I no longer numb but I am starting to feel pleasure and I have learned so much about my body. I know there is more progress to be made but I am very impressed with the changes and highly recommend Christiane."

CJ, 30, Canada


"I felt at ease with Christiane immediately. Like she would not judge me for anything. I did a yoni egg workshop with her. During the day she lead us in beautiful, amazing exercises where I experienced the egg in a very profound and unique way. She had a way of guiding us that enabled me to feel pulsations of energy extending out from my physical body. The process was so deep that it continued the next day, I felt soft and vulnerable. I tend to be a loner but that next day I knew I needed to be with friends. My heart was tingly and open, my voice felt different. A few days out I am still processing and realizing how my "toughness" keeps me away from love. I was lonely because I was scared to be vulnerable. I have reached out to some people that I have wanted to connect with for a while and have been welcomed with love. Thank you so much for helping me open a very closed and scared heart."

Ann Marie, 35, USA



"A life changing experience that I can only recommend to every woman. Christiane has a natural and professional softness within her that creates a safe environment to fully be. She asked for my boundaries in the beginning and checked in with me throughout the session in a comfortable way to see if we were still on one line which made me feel comfortable, respected and in controle. With different techniques she slowly guided me into relaxation and prepared my whole body for the release work I had requested. Working gently (physically and vocally) through the inside blockages that we both encountered was a release that showed up in so many layers. There were tears, laughter, body movement, voice and as I later found out full body orgasms. Everything was allowed to be and to be released. I felt my body slowly soften more and more. Relaxing into what it really felt to be me was beautiful. After the session there was enough time to ground again and Christiane answered all the questions I had with her background in massage, tantra and spirituality. I left fully relaxed for the first time in for ever with a glow on my face that shone for days after. This is an art form of healing I've never experienced before. It feels like coming home to a place I always thought existed but never experience before that. Thank you Christiane for showing me the way and for the inspiration!"

Saskia, 34, Germany


"I recently participated in a full day and a half of Yoni and Yoni- Egg workshop with Georgina Peard and Christiane KoSoul in Switzerland. It has been many months if not years that I have been called and attracted to these practices, without ever experiencing them. After acquiring a Yoni-Egg a few months back (thanks to Georgina’s posts on FB that guided me in full trust in my choice) I knew the occasion would arise eventually for me to learn more about these practice and to enquire further. When the opportunity arose with the invitation to this workshop, my whole body said YES… As soon as the door of the temple opened, background drums, incense burning, an invitation to step into a sacred, safe space that would be held for me and for us women embarking on our Journey to the Yoni, I knew I was where I was supposed to be, without a single doubt!Georgina and Christiane welcomed us with a purification ritual and invited us to come home to our Self.Surrounded by sisters embarking on the same Journey, guided by two Goddesses filled with grace, Love, compassion, understanding and showing us how to dive deep, how to strip ourselves of the layers of Patriarchal beliefs, of generational baggage, relationship and social labels, etc… When you step into the temple, you return to the woman you were meant to be, the woman you have always been, your birth right, your ancestral heritage. The body in its purest most beautiful form, with its circles and curves, an invitation to drop deeper and re-connect with your pelvis, your intuition, your Yoni, the source of your being. I have hardly ever felt such profound release (even with my yoga practice). Surrounded by this feminine energy, and connecting collectively and individually makes the whole experience so immensely powerful, words are hard to describe it…. Georgina and Christiane are the archetypes of the Wise Women sharing their experiences and knowledge through participating with us, maidens, in all the practices. They embody Grace and Powerful Feminine Energy that inspire and give you a sense of protection.They make it so easy for all of us to feel comfortable and welcome, there is no awkwardness, no un-ease, no pressure, no need to perform or take a shape which is not your own. You can drop the veil if you so wish and be held by your sisters surrounding you. All women should have access to these practices and experiences, sharing with their sisters. Awaken the divine feminine in you through these practices and allow yourself to come closer to your true Self. I have allowed myself and a whole you new galaxy has opened up to me, one to explore and enjoy. There’s no turning back now that I've seen a glimpse of I truly am… "

Nadine, Switzerland


You're never ready when it comes to face an unknown part of yourself! would it be dark or not! 
Usually, what you feel when you say "I'm not ready" is the fear of the unknown... and you forgot the real feeling of your body or your voice intuition telling you... go, go, go!!! Personally, I registered my name without thinking before ... If I would have thought, I wouldn't have registered!!! for sure!!!  I may have prepared myself unconsciously reading and looking at videos about the eggs and also because I like stones a lot!!! Not being ready is not an excuse... it's an explanation... yes you feel frightened... but it is not an excuse for not coming!!! (en français, ce n'est pas une excuse pour ne pas venir!) 

Now that I experimented it, I would say (as I told to my son when presenting him a new dish) please, first taste then you'll be able to say "I don't like" or "I like" or even "waow, why didn't I come before?"  

And when I thank you for the journey... it's really a journey according to me! Saturday was only the first step towards an unknown goal... we don't either know the path but we, well, I know now that there's a path to explore. Something very powerful to experiment and let come through my body. It was impressive how my body react this morning... claiming for breast massage after the shower!!! I'm lucky, I had time to do it and let my body express itself! Waou!!! no words to describe!!! 

And last thing, being into a group, sharing with others is something which helps to overcome the fear! 
that's the best way to be ready to start your journey as a woman!!! unfortunately we've never been told, trained or educated in that direction... and will not, I think! Please, take the opportunity to connect the woman in you without the influence of anybody else! 

Catherine, 55, Geneva