Private Sessions

Within your heart, your mind and your body wisdom lies some of the greatest secrets and powers waiting to be revealed. 

You are worth to experience Love, Freedom and Intimacy in your Life and your Relationships.

It is your birthright to feel fully alive, radient and joyful.

Sexuality, which is the root of your feminine creative life force, is a portal to self-love and feminine empowerment.

I am offering a safe and trusted space for you where you can relax and bring awareness around your relationship towards your own femininity, share emotional vulnerability and dive deep into the mystery and potential of your own unique creative expression in bed and life.

I work with courages women like you who know in their core that they deserve more and I look forward meeting you.

Tantric Bodywork including Sacred Touch, Yoni Massage and De-Armouring


Experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to receive, trust and surrender through conscious loving unconditional touch. Release trauma, numbness, pain and emotions and expand your orgasmic potential. Creating a new healthy and loving relationship towards yourself, your femininity and your Yoni.

Yoni Egg Sessions

My favourite tool to bring more selflove, awareness and sexual healing into your sacred space. I will initiate you into the secrets of this ancient Taoist high priestess practice or expand your current experiences to a new and more intimate level. The session will give you deep insights into the sacred aspects of your femininity and guide you safely and gently into the practice with the Yoni Egg.

In person or online via Skype

Shakti Flow Yoga

Awaken your Shakti through awareness, breath, movement and sound. Exerience the healing medicine of your creative feminine life force and learn how to be present in your body and nurture your inner goddess in every moment of your life. Connect to the elements of natur and explore the eternal interplay between Yin & Yang. Listen deeply to the wisdom of your Heart, your Womb and your Yoni.

In person or online via Skype

"Christiane's touch and presence is such a magical gift. During the session I could feel every second more of my hidden and stored emotions coming to the surface and with her beautiful guidance I released every second more and more tension. Christiane hold space for me to feel deep into my being so I could feel the magic of who I am. Her hole beautiful soul was a big expansion in the room full of feminine magic and love ❤
I had many other tantric massages in my life but Christiane is truly the best. I highly recommend her to every woman on this planet. I feel so much love and gratitude."

Roos, 33, Netherlands