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Unlock your feminine potential as a portal to self love, authenticity and a life of bliss and ecstasy!


I am so honored that you are here.

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My name is Christiane KoSoul and I am here to help you to unlock your feminine potential as a portal to self-love, authenticity and a more blissful ecstatic life.

I hold space for you to feel your emotions, see your vulnerability as your strength and unwind from conditioning and past experiences.

I shine the light of love on your shadows so you can embrace your sexuality as a sacred act which allows you to embody greater intimacy with yourself, others and the divine.

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Begin your journey into love, freedom and intimacy.

As a feminine sexual embodiment coach and tantric yoga teacher, I create a space for women to awaken their divine feminine and sacred sexual consciousness.

Feminine & Sexual Embodiment Coaching

An Individual, Unique and Intimate Journey to Self-Love, Femininity and Sexual Awakening.

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Private Retreats

Your Unique 2-3 Day Journey into Tantra, Yoga and Feminine Embodiment.

Yoni Egg Workshop

Unlock your Feminine & Sexual Potential as a Portal to Self-Love, Authenticity and a more Blissful Ecstatic Life.

8 Day Retreat

Reconnect to your Sacred Feminine Nature on the Magical Island of Bali.

Private Sessions

Tantric Bodywork including Yoni Massage, Yoni Egg Sessions and Tantric Femininity Yoga.

Women's Circle

A Space where you can Relax, Recharge and Remember the Light of your Heart.


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